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The quality of steel plate is determined.

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Is the quality of steel grating judged?

1. The quality of steel grille mainly depends on the galvanizing on the surface of steel grille, which is the primary criterion for customers to judge the quality of galvanized steel grille.

2. Galvanizing quantity decides the quality of steel grille: the situation of galvanizing quantity of steel grille is mainly that the thickness of galvanized film decides the authenticity and quality of galvanizing. The thickness of general hot-dip galvanized steel grille is required to reach more than 70 micron, while the ordinary galvanized steel grille is basically able to reach 10 micron is good. This is why we The reason why the hot-dip galvanized steel grating has been recommended to customers is always recommended. The thickness of zinc coating determines the corrosion resistance.

3. Galvanizing or cold galvanizing: steel grilles can be treated by cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing. Hot galvanized steel grilles have some anti-corrosion ability, and strong, while cold galvanizing is electroplating, that is to say, galvanizing solution pain electrolysis, to coat the plated parts, generally speaking, no heating, the amount of galvanizing is very small, it is easy to fall off in wet environment. The pollution of hot-dip galvanizing is mainly the waste acid of pickling workpiece, and the pollutants of cold-dip galvanizing mainly include the waste acid of pickling workpiece, electroplating waste liquid, waste passivation liquid, etc. The pollutants of cold-dip galvanizing are much more than that of hot-dip galvanizing. Hot dip galvanizing is better.

Second, the quality of steel grille depends on the quality of raw materials: some manufacturers in order to reduce production costs, increase profit margins, even made of scrap flat steel;

Three. The correction level of flat steel and the welding level of the steel grid have great influence on the quality of the steel grid.

4. Whether the tolerance of steel grille, including diagonal tolerance, is controlled within the scope of the national standard or the contract signed;

Fifth, the quotation of steel grille reflects the quality of galvanizing: as the saying goes, one price for one commodity, galvanized steel grille raw materials, labor and so on, are of a certain cost, so good, qualified steel grille in the price is basically the same as the market, galvanized steel grille galvanized layer thickness is high, the corresponding price can be a little higher, but really It's not much higher.