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Application and structure of wire mesh demister

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Wire mesh demister (demister) is used to separate the droplets entrained by gas in the tower to ensure mass transfer efficiency, reduce valuable material loss and improve the operation of compressor after the tower. The spray droplets of 3-5um can be effectively removed. If a demister is installed between the trays, not only the mass transfer efficiency of the trays can be guaranteed, but also the spacing between the trays can be reduced. So the screen eliminator is mainly used for gas liquid separation. It can also be used for air separation by air filters. In addition, the wire mesh can also be used as a buffer for all kinds of instruments in the instrument industry to prevent the interference of radio waves, such as electronic shield. It has been widely used in chemical, petroleum, sulfuric acid, medicine, light industry, metallurgy, machinery, environmental protection industrial production.

Mainly by the wire mesh, wire mesh grid composed of wire mesh block and fixed wire mesh block supporting device, wire mesh for a variety of materials, gas-liquid filter screen is composed of metal wire or non-metallic wire. The non-metallic wire of the gas-liquid filter net is made of many non-metallic fibers, and it can also be a single strand of non-metal wire. The wire mesh defoamer can not only filter out larger droplets suspended in the air stream, but also filter out smaller and smaller droplets. It is widely used in gas-liquid separation devices in chemical, petroleum, tower manufacturing, pressure vessels and other industries.