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How to detect the quality of welded wire mesh

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First of all, the welding mesh seems simple, in fact, the technical requirements are very high, we simply say the quality standards of the mesh.

Generally speaking, the quality of welded wire mesh can be divided into three standards.

1. The size of the welding mesh, the general construction mesh size is not particularly precise, mechanical or individual requirements are more precise, see personal needs, generally within 5 mm diagonal, the size of positive and negative 2 mm is normal (because it is welded, thermal expansion and contraction will also be 1-2 mm difference)?

2. The wire warp and wire warp of the welding mesh need not be explained too much. As we all know, the export standard should be controlled within (+0.05 mm).

3, mesh welding must be firm. The welding mesh with unreliable welding points is just like scrap iron. No false welding or missing welding. For example, the total height of the two 4mm welds should be between 6-7mm after the 8mm welding. The solder joints are too shallow to be soldered firmly, and the solder joints are too deep to mesh.