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Main functions of temporary fence

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Main functions of temporary fence

The temporary mobile guardrail is also known as mobile fence and temporary barrier.

The product is made of high quality hot-dip galvanized pipe by bending and welding. It has the characteristics of elegant appearance, small size, movable, reusable, convenient disassembly and assembly, high cost, consolidation and strong sensitivity. It is well liked by domestic and foreign customers.

Important for tension gathering meetings, festivals, sports events and other temporary shielding, to maintain order. It can also be used for various construction sites, mines, and tight confinement.

Because the planned barriers are all foot-mounted, terrain adaptability can be stronger, the installation and transportation are convenient, and no more people can be completed. Welding joints are usually treated by zinc plating and plastic coating after welding to achieve a bright and elegant view and long service life.

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